Could This Be Love (Section 9)

“You don’t remember me. I used to be your friend from a great distance.”

Andyroo. Andrew. I do remember you. “I just don’t know how.”

This had to be the effect of the messages we’d been transmitting through the polyphonic bitz chamer time traveling stone circle we called Stone Engine.

That was back in what The They still called England, or was it near Devonshire. A blur remained in the mind and I still struggled with the tears that had disturbed me all of a sudden.

“You’re caught in time flux.”

Surely, I’d been in England not days prior to meeting Natalie and that relegated ninny Pit in The city of Angels.

Hadn’t I?

Andrew spoke again. “I live just down the street from where you’re staying now in those days I received the polyphonic bitz.”

Set beside the disbelief that our plan, my plan, actually worked, I struggled with what to do next.

“What can we do to end the gray matters?” I says realk uiet like.

Sop mop and strangled game. The They must be nearby me thinx from that Natalie talk of God and English being unleashed since God knows.

Rat ta ta too pop and oop. Metal rain came falling from the heights and chopper wings rattled the breezes left by the seases.

The They descended, leaving Pit wanking in a bloody curbed up mess of brain slapper.

Natalie no longer did exist for all intense and porpoises. I lost sight of Andyroo as he fled the sense of my future capture.

“This is the Schizophrenicon. Leave your hands where we can see them!”


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