Hello, Fellow Darling, this book dedicates the mind to understanding language and how we can find a way to alter the point at which we enter thought and adhere to guidelines handed down to us by other means.  In the novel, Could This Be love, we explore the possibility, together, that there are means of resisting totalitarian thinking and behavior outside of mere retaliation and eye for an eye mentalities.  If you think a word misspelled, ask yourself, instead, why you think that?  Listen for the sounds.  This book, Could This Be Love, will love you.  Yes!


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Could This Be Love (Section 8)

Convinced of the confusion we’d spread as counter contraband or whatever they wanted to call it, we didn’t care anymore, for rules or standards or agreed upon terms of unification that all could banner under. We didn’t even care for peace anymore, we just wanted to clean up the mess they’d put us in and insisted we sift through.

Could This Be Love (Section 7)

“Billy, you told me when we first met that people only want to rip your eyes out and shove them down your throat while they cut off your balls for looking at them wrong and reduce you to ash over and over till you can never return the favor through a long distant descendant one day.”

Could This Be Love (Section 6)

I do these exercises to trail off into the wild green expanse post wild blue yonder. Since gray matter days cowered the blue sky something aweful. We rely on our memories of the grass, plus non plus the damned maniacle essers plaster electroglyphs of grass memories on every building and corner in every dark corner to light the way as they proclaim to a greener future.

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